For example, look at these two currency exchange programs. The first seems to shove every feature it has in its users’ faces (no wonder it has a “HELP” button). The second product cuts features, focusing on what is important so users can process what it’s telling them.

UX mistakes

It’s a great article, but I’d consider these mistakes more like design mistakes. Scroll hijacking and large headers are not deal breakers for me and I’d replace them for multi-dropdown menus and any design that does not follow user conventions. Color contrast is the visual difference between two colors. A good way to see contrast is to put one color on top of another. If the colors are high contrast, it will be easy to distinguish one from the other. If they are low contrast, they will appear to blend together.

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Sometimes UX designers create solutions that are not relevant to reality. As a result, projects that are aesthetically pleasing and pretty do not respond to the requirements and needs of users. Using such an entrance, as opposed to the classic handle described above, can confuse the user. It is stressful when, opening the door, you don’t know which side to enter through.

When you have a website that is designed in such a way that focuses on functionality, users can easily navigate through a product without hassle or frustration. We all have seen platforms that started bombarding us with ads right away when we launch them. The content went in the background, and all we experienced were irritating ads.

The problem arises, as I mentioned above, when the actual UI collides with the user expectation . If the collision is strong enough and the user does not like what they see, they’re gone forever. So far, all you’ve done is make up a mental model on how an Evernote works through the eyes of your friends.


Some products become digital “Norman Doors” bybuilding buttons or features that may as well be written in ancient Sumerian. For example, to someone who has never used Google Translate before, this symbol beside the microphone is really bad UX design. It’s a symbol that allows you to write words with your finger on the touch screen.

UX mistakes

However, the average user should come out of your onboarding with all of the tools they need to discover your features on their own. Over time, people will discover this function for themselves on commonly used products like Google Translate. However, that won’t work in larger products with more features. Users won’t put in that effort and will instead stick to the functions they can more easily discover and make use of. Symbols are great for UX because they save space and don’t rely on language skills, but they can also be incredibly confusing if they aren’t properly designed.

With some thought and a little flexibility, you can create human-sounding text. Let’s consider some of the most common UX writing mistakes that you need to avoid. The SaaS market has tripled its size in the last five years.

Redesign your application to prioritize responsiveness for the most favorable user experience. Airbnb is one of the top mobile applications that found success because of a simple user interface. The Airbnb app effectively simplifies its customer journey without negotiating on innovativeness and offered features. User experience design is all about creating products that are easy and enjoyable for people to use. It’s a user-centered process that prioritizes providing people with seamless, intuitive product experiences. Great UX design is responsive no matter what kind of device it’s viewed on.

Poor System Feedback

Content published not in a whole article but throughout the site pushes users away from further cooperation and becomes a UX mistake. For a customer to decide to order a service or read all the information provided by you, it must be in one place, without inconveniencing the user. Not crafting your website or application with a responsive structure can make it impractical for your users to benefit from their experiences when browsing from a smartphone.

  • When it is not possible to perform tests with real users, the QA department should perform thorough tests of the project.
  • A multi-faceted or complex flow of information will lead your user to switch.
  • Use our list of the ten most frequent UX design mistakes to develop an awareness of common UX problems and solutions—and sidestep common blunders before they happen.
  • Login dialogs on websites where content is accessible only through a paywall.
  • Rather than waiting for bumps in the road, why not take a proactive approach to UX?
  • UX tools like Hotjar Heatmaps and Recordings help identify problematic links and buttons.

Responsive web design creates an optimal UX across multiple devices. Failure to build your website with a responsive layout could make it impossible for your users to enjoy their experiences when accessing your site from a cellphone or tablet. Redesign your website to prioritize responsiveness for the optimal user experience. An example of a project where it is difficult to find such consistency is the University of Advanced Technology website. It is accompanied by several different forms of presenting visual content and texts written in various fonts.

Don’t disturb users while they are interacting with your product or website. In all likelihood, when you start using the app, the experience will be different from your expectations . That’s because you are interacting with the conceptual model of the app. It might be different from the mental model you built in your head.

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I dread what will happen when you try to enter a room while holding a hot cup of coffee! But it doesn’t have to if the UX designer avoids specific mistakes. Many experienced UX designers will have their own pet list of UX design mistakes to avoid, but the themes that come up are often repeated.

UX mistakes

UX is the overall impression a user gets during and after the interaction with a product (website, app, etc.). The main goal of UX is to help users to meet their needs as promptly as possible. User experience is based on a UI component but not limited to it. It is influenced by resource download speed, navigation, and interface ease-of-use. If to refer to the mentioned analogy with guitars, UX is the placement and number of strings, the form of a guitar body, the height of saddles, and the number of frets.

Designing for the designer

One of the best ways to decrease your bounce rate and boost conversions is to avoid these six common UX mistakes. CareersJoin Applover TeamTop tech experts ready to make your idea a reality. ServicesServicesTop tech experts ready to make your idea a reality. Join Applover Team Top tech experts ready to make your idea a reality.

Key Principles Of Good Website Usability

On the other hand, bad UX design results in users having an annoying, frustrating, or negative experience. To help you get there, we’ve compiled the ten most common UX design mistakes—and provided solutions. Keep reading to find out what these mistakes are and why excellent UX design is vital to the success of any online business. Some headers on big-brand websites are over 150 pixels in height. Fixed elements, such as sticky headers can have real benefits, but web designers should be careful using them—there are several important UX issues to consider.

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Users want creativity, but they also want to navigate your site easily. More often than not, I find websites that lead users to an empty state with no further direction or next steps. Empty states can be a good tool to utilize to help your users learn and reduce action abandonment, but they can also lead to confusing and frustrating interactions. A good UX mistakes to avoid navigation system makes it easy for the user to gain access to important links or pages on a website instead of burying links on a page. Because the user relies heavily on the navigation system, it needs to be consistent. Navigation links can be grouped into categories of related pages, but clicking the links shouldn’t result in inconsistent behavior.

If a product is simple and easily navigable, users will enjoy their product journey. Some products make use of buttons and features that are not self-explanatory. Include short explanations of complex elements during the onboarding process itself, in order to avoid these discoverability issues. Responsive design is not a trend within the broader field of web design.

While it looks elegant and contributes to an aesthetically pleasing UI, it’s difficult to read on several platforms. While low contrast is not necessarily bad, it can have a negative impact on the usability of a website by making text hard to read. The use of a clear value proposition gives the opportunity to convert a new user into a customer interested in your product or service. Essentially, you’re telling the customer right up front how they can benefit from your product; as a result, they should be able to understand the intention behind your brand.

Each time you reduce a menu item, the other products become more distinguished. So, work on limiting your navigation to minimal products and enhance their visibility. Analyzing these experiences not only informs how well you’re currently serving your users’ needs.