Choosing the ideal paint color for the interior of a home is proven to be challenging. On top of that headache, modern paints come in several sheens and colors as well. Now, how would you choose? To help you with finding the perfect gloss for your paint as soon as you choose a color, this article will list helpful tips and guidelines. 

How to select your paint gloss? 

As you choose a gloss for your paint, it’s highly recommended that you ask yourself about 3 aspects: light, use, and aesthetic. Think about the sources of light within a space that you’re painting, the look that you want to have, and then how do you plan to use the room.  


The first thing you should take into consideration is how your paint color will appear when it’s topped with a particular gloss. Bold, bright colors would look too extreme when use with high-sheen paints. Also, some neutral and tan tones can appear extremely plain in matte paint. When you plan to try out different sheen/color combinations, have sample paints and use them on your surface to have the sense to have an actual feel for the color and sheen after drying the paint.  

Moreover, take note that when you are painting textured walls, you might have to apply a medium to high-sheen paint to accentuate the texture even further. On the contrary, when you want to paint a smooth surface, and you would want to hide any slight blemishes, you have to choose a low-sheen paint.  


How you plan on using your room can also impact your decision for selecting a gloss for your paint. For example, you may want to select a high-gloss paint in your bathroom or kitchen to make it easier for you to clean such rooms’ surfaces.  

Moreover, higher gloss paints are more resistant to mold development and damage that could be made in moist environments, such as kitchens, mud rooms, and small bathrooms with showers. Ensure that any kitchen or bathroom area is well ventilated when you ate thinking about low-sheen paints. 


After considering the aesthetic and use of your home, you should think about your room’s light sources. It would be highly recommended to prevent high-sheen paints in rooms where sunlight can enter through windows or in rooms with bright lights. Otherwise, these paints can appear very reflective and can be an eyesore. Rather, choosing low-sheen or matte paints is the best way to go. When you are working on a space with yellow, warm lighting, or with little lighting, you can choose high-gloss paints to ensure that surfaces will be given more character and texture. Also, remember that matte paints can look good in warm-light and low-light rooms as well, providing them a cozy and intimate feel.  

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