restaurant bookeeping

Decision-making between inventory periods would use outdated, inaccurate information. In other words, both a gas station and a bar want to record and analyze all their transactions.

restaurant bookeeping

We chose ZIpBooks as our accounting software for restaurants with the best price because it offers a free option, which is great if you want to try it out or only need limited features. It also offers other monthly plans that are affordable, and some of them come with free trials.

Calculating Costs

Restaurant accounting software can help you to manage your books and records yourself. Going with the right software may even help you save money in the long run. Restaurant accounting software includes financial software and point of sale systems. These programs are designed to help you organize your inventory counts and transactions quickly and accurately. In this case, that means finding a bookkeeper with plenty of experience working with restaurants. The right bookkeeper for your restaurant will be familiar with FOH and BOH operations and how to optimize your books for your business. As the business grows, bookkeeping can quickly become too complex for a restaurant owner to handle.

It may be worth outsourcing your payroll to ensure accuracy and keep you focused on the core of the business. Bars and restaurants need to take inventory way more frequently than other types of business. Some retail companies can take physical inventory monthly, quarterly, or even annually. If a business’s sales are less than $25 million annually, they can choose between the cash or the accrual method. If a business’s sales exceed $25 million annually, they must use the accrual method. It’s great that a customer raved about a dish, but what are the numbers telling you?

Worry-Free Set Up

Solutions for quick-service, fast casual & fine dining restaurants, as well as specialty shops & more. Unlock a world of possibilities as you increase profitability and operational efficiency at your restaurant. “Hone helps me manage expenses so I can pay attention and keep my eye on the big picture.”

Keep each individual’s role in mind and come up with ways of holding them accountable. For instance, your accountant should monitor the percentage of cash tips versus cash sales. This ratio should be similar to the restaurant bookeeping ratio of credit card tips to credit card sales. This is an effective way of discouraging servers from keeping more cash tips than they made. Ensure that your accountant’s software integrates with yourPOS system.

Food Trucks, Caterers & More

This is your profit, so it’s safe to say you’re already paying attention. Also known as “sales per seat” or “average ticket” or “average spend per head. You can use this metric to understand breakfast, lunch, and dinner time averages, and track trends over time. Keeping track of your CoGs can help you set a menu price for each item at your venue, ensuring every dish is profitable. Here is the ultimate list of restaurant business KPIs you’ll lose sleep over. A start up costs report helps you stay focused and on budget, so you don’t get to the end of your money before you’ve got what you need to open . A controllable costs report gives you a picture of the future environment you’ll be operating in, so you can make decisions ahead of the trends.