Being able to detect the early signs of a foundation that requires waterproofing can help you save lots of money and time on cleaning your basement that has pooling water and recovering water-damaged assets. Moreover, it’ll provide you enough time to employ a residential waterproofing expert and secure your property from moisture damage within your budget and at your convenience. Below some of the many signs that may indicate that you need to book Delaware County basement waterproofing services for your house.  

Bowed walls 

Your basement walls are subjected and prone to the exterior elements from the soil that surrounds them as it contracts and expands, based on its moisture content. Soils that keep more moisture like clay can easily become saturated, which leads to considerable swelling, then followed by shrinking as soon as it dries. The lateral pressure that clay soil is fortified to your outer foundation walls can make them crack and shift. Hence, if you can observe that you have an uneven wall alignment or that cracks are forming on the floor, then think about employing waterproofing professionals to deal with this problem before it takes a toll on your home’s structural integrity.  


Water stains should never be found on the basement floors or walls unless the marks are due to a particular spill or leak that you’re aware of. Faint or old watermarks are a typical sign of water that seeps through the foundation at least once before. This situation can reoccur itself sooner or later and result in other problems.  


In several instances, a musty odor is commonly linked with an infestation of mold, which might have been due to the water that’s being absorbed into your basement. For instance, you only remove the mold without resolving the issue of dampness within your basement. If that’s the case, the infestation will continue to reoccur and lead to allergic reactions to your home, like watery eyes, coughing, sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose, or an itchy nose and throat. As such, you have to reach out to a waterproofing service provider right after you can see mold spots in your basement. The experts will check the area for you to determine the main indicator of the water absorption, making the needed repairs ASAP.  

Damp air and musty smell 

Most of the water damage warning signs are subtle. Hence, even when there is no pooling or stagnant water in your basement, you can still determine that something’s not right from the smell alone. When you can observe a musty smell, that could mean that the moisture has been enduring for some time. Moreover, the air in the basement may feel more humid. The smell might be linked with issues like poor ventilation, leak, and more. Although, basement waterproofing must resolve the issue.  

Sparkly wall 

Once your basement wall seems shimmery, that may be because of efflorescence that forms on its surface. This usually happens once the walls of your foundation have hairline cracks, which makes minerals from the wall be soaked up and accumulated on its surface. Once you can observe such mineral deposits, that’s a clear sign that you must book a foundation waterproofing service from a reputable company.